I love Karamea, the peace, the quiet, the wild and the wild things, I do not believe there is a more diverse or beautiful place in all of New Zealand.  I hope  the photos on this site illustrate that.


I am just an amateur photo buff, it is one of my addictions. All of these photos are taken during every day activities around Karamea, often from the car, or on discovery walks around my favourite wildlife spots.  I have no particular affinity for native or non-native, here you will find photos of anything that appealed in the moment.    I also like to play with graphics, and sometimes these creations and manipulations are also mixed in. 

I hope if you live here that this site will remind you of the treasures we have and how important it is that we appreciate and protect them.  If you have not discovered Karamea yet, I wish that joy for you in the future.



I love Karamea